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Enhanced wellbeing - fly with confidence

The continued safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew is always our highest priority which is why we have implemented enhanced wellbeing measures which includes passengers wearing face masks.

You will be exempt if you have a medical reason not to wear a face mask, written medical advice will be required, please inform us at check-in. Children under 6 years old are also exempt.

This is one element of a series of enhanced wellbeing measures we have implemented which include:

  • Microbe Shield surface protection in the cabin
  • Aircraft touch point sanitation procedures
  • Cabin air is continuously replenished with fresh air every 5 - 7 minutes, the cabin may be slightly cooler than normal, therefore you may wish to have a jumper to hand
  • Seat allocation to maximise the distance between passengers in the cabin where possible.
  • Reduced contact points, with the exception of safety cards, all seat-back literature has been removed and there is no inflight service

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

More information


If you are flying to Guernsey or Jersey, please read the following pre-departure information.


If using same day return business travel enabled by the Business Tunnels scheme you are required to notify the States of Guernsey at least seven days prior to travel.

Notification must be given to the States of Guernsey Population Management Office by:

For normal travellers the 14-day quarantine for travel to Guernsey remains, until 01 September at the earliest.


For entry into Jersey, a pre-departure registration form must be completed before arrival and you must disclose all countries visited within 14 days of your arrival. Visitors have a choice to either undergo a PCR test upon arrival into Jersey or self-quarantine for 14 days. Further details can be found here:

Rob Veron

Rob Veron

GCSE students congratulated

Students from the Grammar School in Guernsey were congratulated by Managing Director of Blue Islands, Rob Veron, as he presented their GCSE certificates. Mr Veron was invited back to the school to present the students with their awards and offered a few motivating words to help them as they further their education or embark on employment.

Mr Veron congratulated the students and spoke of the importance of working hard to achieve great goals, setting aspirations high and making the most of mentors encountered along the way.

I was honoured to be invited back to the Grammar School to present the awards. What the students have achieved this year is phenomenal.

Jeff Smith, Head teacher of the Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre, invited Mr Veron to the school.

Our VIP guest Rob Veron came to the sixth form from La Mare De Carteret High School. We invited Rob to the school because we knew he would be an inspiration to our students. Rob is a 32-year-old Managing Director of an airline, impressive by any standards. After hearing him speak, the students were in no doubt that his success was due to his high aspirations and target-orientated mindset. It was a pleasure to have Rob as our guest speaker.

The school had seen the best set of GCSE results ever and special merits were given to over 40 students who received impressive standards of eight or more A*/A GCSE grades. Two students achieved 11 A* grades.

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